TimeZoneMate is designed to address two usecases:

World Clock

Lets you keep track of the current time in multiple locations/timezones at a glance.

As a software developer that worked with clients across several locations I always needed to know the current time in different client locations to make sure I call people at the right time (when they are awake) or make software deployments at the right time (when everyone is asleep). Instead of having to google for 'time in cityX' everytime, I figured it would be great to have an application that would let me add as many locations and timezones as I want and let check the current time at a glance.
Time converter

Aids in converting time across multiple timezones.

This was something I needed while troubleshooting issues. When interrelated systems across different timezones start acting up, I needed a way to know what the local time was in each of those timezones at a given moment. While there are several timezone converting utilities out in the wild, I believe TimeZoneConverter has two distinct advatages.
  • It lets you convert time across multiple timezones at a time whereas most existing utilities would only convert between two timezones.
  • Unlike most other applications, it makes the entry process very easy and even fun. Instead of having to fill out a bunch of input boxes and dropdowns, users can enter time in a very natural format (3 pm, 800, 3-30A etc.) and instantly get the moment converted to different timezones.